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Vartra’s latest single Sena published by CPL-music is now out. Find the release on Spotify and check out the official video on YouTube!

Lună Nuoă

The first album Lună nuoă is heavily inspired by the cultural heritage of the Vlach ethnic minority in Eastern Serbia. The band composed the song “Flori” inspired by the base melody from the recorded Vlachian ritual singing that took place in the municipality of Majdanpek in the morning of the holiday “Cveti” (recorded by ethnologist Paun Es Durlić). The holiday “Cveti” traditionally celebrates the beginning of the spring. The song Primovara (eng. Spring) depicts the dawn of the holiday “Cveti” before the ritual performance is about to take place.  The lyrics of the song Lună nuoă are part of the Vlach oral lore as well, as one of the incantations for health, sung to the new moon. Other songs include fragments of Vlach oral lore (Roša and Jo Čero), or of Serbian incantations (Mrza, Razija). Žal (Mojot Dom) is inspired by transcendental experiences and written by Ivana Stošić (Macedonian language).